Region 6 Public Health Leadership Institute


Approach to the Leadership Institute

The R6-PHLI is designed for midcareer practitioners who are the future of public health. The focus is to develop leadership skills in emerging leaders rather than those already in leadership positions.

The R6-PHLI is practice oriented:

  • The R6-PHLI was designed based on input from the Region 6 practice partners through focus groups and key informant interviews.
  • The curriculum focuses on current issues and practical applications to develop independent leaders and decision makers. The session topics are current issues identified by public health leaders.
  • Sessions are dynamic interactions with lively discussions among the participants and experts/leaders on the topic. Hands on exercises are designed to build practical skills (“learning by doing” not busy work). Some sessions may involve working in small groups on an activity or problem.
  • The R6-PHLI is designed as a community of learning for networking, sharing knowledge and experiences and building leadership skills. A goal of the Leadership Institute is to foster networking among participants from across the region.

There is no fee to attend the program, however, participants will need to commit to attend the synchronous learning sessions and complete the session preparations and follow up assignments.

Who Should Apply

The R6-PHLI will consist of a cohort of approximately 20 midcareer professionals from across the five states of Region 6 (Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Texas). We encourage applications from individuals in all areas of public health, community health and health care. Midcareer professionals at local, county, state or tribal health departments, community health care clinics, public health organizations serving underserved populations, and community health workers are candidates for the Leadership Institute.

  • Participants will be drawn from diverse backgrounds, disciplines, and experiences and include those from medically underserved communities, rural areas, health professional shortage areas.
  • Experience in public health practice is required (approximately 5 years in public health or related area). There are no degree requirements or particular educational background.

Eligibility criteria include:

  • Mid-career professional (5 years of professional experience in public health, community health or health care)
  • Supervisory and/or managerial experience
  • Employment in public health, healthcare, and community health practice in tribal, governmental or community agencies and organizations
  • Resides/works in Region 6 (Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas)
  • Committed to actively participate in the activities and synchronous sessions for the Institute
  • Ability to devote approximately 3 hours per week to Leadership Institute activities

Employer support for individual to participate in Leadership Institute activities for approximately 3 hours per week during work time.

Format and Schedule

Preparation – August 2023

  • In early August 2023 prior to the start of the virtual sessions, applicants will have the opportunity for a self-assessment for emotional intelligence (EI). This is a confidential assessment (survey followed by one-on-one feedback) conducted by a professional group.  This “know yourself” activity will provide information on your leadership style and approach.
  • Each participant will also create an individual plan defining the goals for growth during the leadership and identifying leadership skills for enhancement.

Leadership institute Sessions – September 7, 2023 – May 2, 2024


Live Synchronous Sessions

  • The first virtual meeting will be held in early September 2023 and be held biweekly through May 2, 2024 with time off in December/January for a holiday break.
  • The live virtual meetings will be approximately 2.5 to 3 hours.
  • The sessions will be led by an expert in the field and will be highly interactive with discussions, debate and activities.  The sessions will encourage participants to share experiences and the opportunity to learn from others. The sessions and group work are geared for peer-to-peer learning, networking and problem solving.
  • During these sessions, the group may meet as a whole, or it may break into small groups for part of the time.
  • There will be a short evaluation survey at the end of each session.

Holiday Break: December 15, 2023 to January 10, 2024

Schedule of Topics for Synchronous Sessions:

By August 15, 2023 Preparation for Institute – Emotional Intelligence Assessment
September 7, 2023 Session 1: Welcome and Virtual Opening
September 21, 2023 Session 2: Emotional Intelligence/Self-Assessment – Summary and Use
October 5, 2023 Session 3: Recognizing our Tendencies toward Bias
October 19, 2023 Session 4: Health Disparities in Public Health
November 2, 2023 Session 5: Navigating Communications in Evolving Situations
November 16, 2023 Session 6: Communication – Essentials for Success – Delivering Crisis Messages
December 7, 2023 Session 7: Communication Skills Development: Conducting a Town Hall

December 15, 2023 –

January 10, 2024

Holiday Break
January 11, 2024 Session 8: Community Engagement and Qualitative Data
January 25, 2024 Session 9: Public Health Ethics and Professionalism
February 8, 2024 Session 10: Understanding Your Organization
February 22, 2024 Session 11: Organizations and Systems Thinking
March 7, 2024 Session 12: Funding for Public Health Agencies and Organizations
March 21, 2024 Session 13: Leadership and Organization Evolution
April 4, 2024 Session 14: Leadership within Your Organization
April 18, 2024 Session 15: Crisis Leadership
May 2, 2024 Session 16: Presentations and Graduation Celebration


Alternating Week Activities:

There are two types of activities that are to be completed on the alternating weeks in between synchronous sessions.  The time to complete these activities will not exceed a total of 3 hours.  This schedule allows the participant to budget 3 hours of time each week for the Leadership institute.

Preparation for the Upcoming Session:

  • In order to actively participate in the synchronous sessions, participants will be expected to prepare for upcoming sessions to inform discussions and debates.
  • The preparation may include reading a journal article, video modules, audio, or gathering information on a topic from your county or state.

Session Follow up Activity for Learning or Application:

  • After each session, participants will complete an activity to enhance and reinforce learning and problem-solving.
  • These activities are focused to skill building an may include a written analysis, video, presentation, or other exercise to reinforce learning and for problem solving.
  • These assignments will be posted in an e-portfolio.

Certificate of Accomplishment:

Participants who successfully complete the entire Leadership Institute curriculum and activities will be awarded a Certificate of Accomplishment in Leadership.

Tulane Learning Management System and e-Portfolio

The Tulane Learning Management System will be used as a portal to manage the Region 6 Public Health Leadership Institute. The Tulane LMS will serve as a hub for Leadership Institute-related information, readings, video modules, assignments/activities. This central location will make all information easy to find.

E-Portfolio: Each participant will be able to build their own e-portfolio where they will submit assignments and compile a record of accomplishments. These assignments will document progress through the Leadership Institute and will serve as examples of skills developed for use during their future career paths.

Computer requirements: Each participant must have access to a computer with microphone and camera with a stable Internet connection to participate in the synchronous Zoom sessions. A quiet space for the sessions is desirable.

Application Update
Fall 2023 Region 6 Public Health Leadership Institute Update – July 1, 2023:

Applications for the Fall 2023 R6-PHLI cohort are now closed.
We will start notifying applicants regarding their admission status soon.

We will start accepting applications for the Fall 2024 R6-PHLI cohort in late Spring 2024.


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Applications for R6-PHLI are currently closed

Applications for the Fall 2024 R6-PHLI cohort will open in late Spring 2024.
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